When i started to get serious about XNA i started looking for a good book to begin learning. Like most people (IMHO) i learn better through books and then self training than reading everything online.

The Microsoft XNA Unleashed by Chad Carter is a great book as it is not merely a skim through from the top for XNA but is very detailed. I have just started and i dont think i will be done with the book very soon.

I like his presentation style as well as the detail. It looks like I am going to take some time to learn XNA (not a bad idea). I hope to release my first XNA game sometime in December 2008 to the live community.

But like all other things if you need to understand something in its entirety (See Grok on wiki)you need to give it the time it needs.

I will post an update on the book as i near completion. Stay tuned!!